The 10-Minute Tomato Cage Holiday Tree

Imagine this: It’s early December. You want to do some decorating to brighten up the dark days but you don’t have a ton of time. You want “bright lights, low cost, low hassle” as your decorating mantra. Introducing the “10-Minute Tomato Cage Holiday Tree”.


  • EASY TO MAINTAIN: No watering required
  • EASY TO CLEAN: No shedding of pine needles
  • EASY TO MOVE: Very lightweight!
  • USE EVERYWHERE: Indoor/outdoor compatible
  • DRESS UP/DRESS DOWN: Add as many (or as few) additions as you see fit for your space.
  • GARDEN INSPIRATION DURING ALL SEASONS: In addition to using a tomato cage, which is typically at its peak in the summer, one variation we saw was to hang seed packets as “ornaments”!


Step 1: Turn a tomato cage (you probably have some in your garage) upside down.

Step 2: Wrap some lights around said tomato cage.

Step 3: Add a bow at the top to bring the “legs” of the tomato cage together.

Step 4: Add any additional bells or whistles (or cards or garland) to make it fit your space and style!

Upside down tomato cages



Inspiration from New England Design and Construction:

Inspiration from Allen Smith, who makes a design that includes home-made birdseed ornaments (pine cones smeared with peanut butter, then dipped in bird seed):


Inspiration from Pinterest, with lots of variation on a Christmas Tomato Cage board including a “tree” used to hold cards.

And if you’re sick of tomato cages for actually growing tomatoes, check out these awesome Tomato Trellis and Cage Ideas from Morning Chores.

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  1. Chris
    Chris says:

    What a fun and cool thing to do with a tomato cage! I know that I have at least a dozen that I could do this with….might be a little overkill though! LOL
    Thanks again for the great stuff you put up on here!

  2. Chuck
    Chuck says:

    Now why didn’t I ever think of this? I’ve been wanting to put something by the front door on the outside for the holidays. This will be perfect! Again, thanks for your clever ideas. Much appreciated.

  3. Bob
    Bob says:

    Haha… Thats an awesomely creative idea.. Since Christmas is around I am gonna give it a shot this weekend. Glad I found this idea at perfect time.. I am pretty excited.

  4. Ronnie
    Ronnie says:

    What a great idea! My friend in Scottsdale, Arizona grows tomatoes in these types of trees in her backyard and did something similar last year. Now I know how. I have a step-by-step guide. No watering, no pine needles … love it. Going to put two of these up on our patio – and hang the tomato seed packs as ornaments, for us gardening geeks.

  5. Rex
    Rex says:

    This was such a fantastic idea that I had to give it a try with my kids! It was a great way to spend time with them this holiday. Thanks again for the idea.

  6. Ann Falco
    Ann Falco says:

    This is a great idea, but might be dangerous around children if the pointy tops aren’t covered. Just an FYI. I guess if they are outside they are safe as its too cold to go outside anyways. Brrrrr.


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